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BENTHOWAVE INSTRUMENT INC.          Underwater Acoustics

Underwater Sound Recording, Analysis and Playback

           Underwater Sound Recording, Analysis and Playback        Underwater Sound Recording, Analysis and Playback

BII-7530, BII-7032, BII-8000 play and record underwater sounds in water tank at BII.

BII-8000    Underwater Sound and Noise Recording, Analysis and Playback


Portable, low cost, calibrated Low noise hydrophone
Zoom in/out to explore the details in time and frequency domains
Real-time Spectrogram of subject's sounds
≥250 GB sound data storage
Integration of recording, analysis and playback
4 hrs continuous working time
Waterproof, Light Weight, Durable and Highly Chemical Resistant Case


Underwater Sound and Noise: Recording, Analysis and Playback
Marine Animal's Voice: Recording, Analysis and Playback
Shipping, Dredging and Industry Noise Recording and Analysis
Acoustic Characteristics of Clicks, Whistles and Pulse Trains
Marine Animal Behavior Research
Marine Bioacoustic Research: Fish, Shrimp, Whale, Ambient Sounds ...


Computer: Notebook Computer
Display: LED LCD
Operating System: Windows
Recording Storage: >=250 GB HDD, >=1 GB Memory
Working Hours: Four hours of battery life on a single charge
Hydrophone: 6m low noise cable or custom length
1/8" TRS stereo plug
9 V battery clip
Built-in preamplifier and band pass filter
Sound Reception: Data Precision: 16 bit
Channels: 2
Standard 1/8" TRS Audio Sockets
Sound Frequency Range: 1 Hz to 24 kHz
Input Sound Level: 100 to 174 dB μPa or Custom
Dynamic Range: 74 dB uPa
Playback: Built-in speaker
1/8" TRS socket
Modes: Real-Time, Recording, Post-Process
Editing: Clip waveform to analyze
Data Processing: Time Series, Spectrum/Periodogram, Spectrogram, Power Spectral Density (PSD)
Smoothing Windows: Flat Top, Hamming, Hanning, Uniform
Axis Scaling: Linear or Logarithmic
Import/Export: WAV file formats
Accessories: USB: BenthoSound Installer
AC/DC adapter, 100~240VAC, 50 ~60 Hz

Sound Recording, Analysis and Playback: BenthoSound V1.0

Whale Sound SpectrogramUnderwater Sound and Noise Recording and Analysis

                      Right Whale Trumpet Spectrogram                                                              Software Interface

Sound Logger and SpectrogramWhale Sound and Noise Recording and Analysis

                      2 - 5 kHz Chirp Signal                                                         Real-time Spectrogram and Spectrum Analysis

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