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BENTHOWAVE INSTRUMENT INC.          Underwater Acoustics

Hydrophone, Sonar Transducer and Acoustic Instrument
ψ 0.1Hz to 3MHz: Underwater Acoustics, Nonlinear Acoustics, Underwater Instrumentation ψ

Hydrophone, Sonar Transducer and Acoustic Instrument

Underwater Electroacoustic Transducers
ψ Communication, Navigation, Fishery, Oceanography, Seafloor-mapping, Sub-bottom Profiling, Marine Animals, HIFU ψ

Omnidirectional HydrophoneLow Noise Preamplified Broadband HydrophoneBolt Fastening HydrophoneDirectional Planar HydrophonePiston Sonar TransducerCommunication TransducerOmnidirectional TransducerMultibeam TransducerSide Scan Transducer

» Hydrophone Low Noise, Low Cost and Deep Water    
» BII-7000 Omnidirectional Hydrophone (460kHz, 2500m Depth) » BII-7010 Low Noise Broadband Hydrophone (400kHz)
» BII-7020 Line Array Hydrophone: 1Hz to 50kHz » BII-7030 Bolt Fastening Hydrophone: Receiving Array
» BII-7040 Broadband Hemispherical Hydrophone (500kHz) » BII-7550 Split Beam Transducer: Target Angle Estimation
» BII-7060 Hydrophone Array: Measurement of Bearing » BII-7070 Directional Hydrophone (500kHz)
» BII-7080 Programmable Sensitivity Hydrophone (460kHz) » BII-7090 Vibration Insensitive Hydrophone
» BII-7100 High Temperature Transducer (120°C/248°F) » BII-7110 Envelope Detection Hydrophone: 90dB Dynamic Range
» BII-7120 Ultra-Low Noise Hydrophone: Below Sea-state Zero » BII-7130 High Sensitivity Hydrophone: 1Hz to 140kHz
» BII-7140 Hydrophone Array/Streamer Element (100m Cable) » BII-7150 Low Cost Seismic Hydrophone (100m Cable)
» BII-7160 Low Flow Noise Hydrophone » BII-7170 Thru-hole/Hull Mounted Hydrophone (300kHz)

» Projector Broadband, Custom Directivity, High Power    
» BII-7500 High Power Piston Transducer: 1-150kHz » BII-7510 Communication Transducer: 5-400kHz
» BII-7520 Omnidirectional/Hemispherical Transducer » BII-7530 Low Frequency Transducer: 600Hz-6kHz
» BII-7540 Parametric Transducer: Sediment Profiling » BII-7550 Split Beam Transducer: Target Angle Estimation
» BII-7560 Echosounder: Dual Frequency 38-500kHz » BII-7570 Side Scan Transducer: Sea-floor Mapping
» BII-7580 High Frequency Transducer: 0.5-3MHz » BII-7590 Deep Sea Broadband Transducer: 1-40kHz
» BII-7600 Transducer Array Element: 24 to 70kHz » BII-7610 Doppler Transducer: 0.2-2MHz
» BII-7620 Broadband Directional Multimode Transducer » BII-7630 Cylindrical Array: Navigation/Searchlight
» BII-7640 Transceiver/Artificial Acoustic Target » BII-7650   High Intensity (HIFU) Transducer: 5000W/cm^2
» BII-7660 Multibeam Transducer: 2D Imaging Sonar » BII-7670 Acoustic Beaconing Transducer
» BII-7680 Single Beam Transducer without Sidelobes    

Underwater Acoustic Instrumentation
ψ Array Processing, Communication, Navigation, Fishery, Oceanography, Seafloor-mapping, Sub-bottom Profiling, Marine Animals, HIFU ψ

Power AmplifierImpedance Matching and TuningPingers and TranspondersHydrophone, Sonar Transducer and Acoustic InstrumentTransmitting and Receiving SystemRecording, Analysis and PlaybackPortable  Underwater Sound RecorderTransmitting and Receiving Switch

» BII-4000 Active Sonar Signals » BII-1000 Hydrophone Preamplifier & Variable Gain Amplifier
» BII-5000  Power Amplifier: Sonar, HIFU and Headphone » BII-2000  AGC Amplifier (Automatic Gain Control)
» BII-6000  Impedance Matching and Tuning » BII-2030  Envelope Detection of SONAR Signals
» BII-8000 Recording, Analysis, Synthesis and Playback » BII-2040  Signal Demodulation: Quadrature Sampling
» BII-8030  Underwater Acoustic Transmitter » BII-2080 Array Amplitude Shading: -40dB Side Lobes
» BII-8040  Underwater Acoustic Receiver » BII-2100 Transmitting & Receiving Switch: 90dB Dynamic Range
» BII-8050  Echo Sounder » BII-8080 Underwater Acoustic Transmitter and Receiver
» BII-8060 Underwater Beaconing: Pinger & Transponder    


Acoustic Solutions: 0.1 Hz to 3 MHz Electroacoustic Measurements:
TVR/OCV/Directivity/Operating Depth/Service Temperature Transducer Calibration
Mounting, Sealing, Cable and Connector, Protective Cage Pressure Testing
Amplifier Gain, Band Width and Power Supply Environmental Testing
Customized Encapsulant to meet specific industry regulations Impedance Testing